Higher Self Coaching & Pranic Healing Sessions

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A) Receive A Powerful Boost Of Pranic Energy For Healing And Spiritual Empowerment!

B) Personal Guidance In Connecting To Your Highest Self!

November 2018
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Higher Self Coaching

Why struggle trying to reinvent the wheel when you can immediately begin gaining the benefits from an ancient system for personal growth, self empowerment and conscious evolution?

Pranic Healing Sessions

Receive a powerful boost of Cosmic Energy for revitalization. Heal any injured body part, viral infection, disease or psychological imbalance, while improving your circulation of bioenergy.

Clear any energetic blockages in your subtle body by receiving a powerful surge of pranic energy to the very core of your being. Purify and awaken your chakras, while awakening your dormant spiritual power.

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The Complete Tripura Yoga Nidra Library

Download the complete Tripura Yoga collection of iTunes ready Yoga Nidra sessions and enjoy having total access to this valuable resource any time and on any device you need!

What If All It Took Was A Small Shift In Perception?

I want to help you rediscover your spark, clear all hurdles and get back to being the very best version of your self ever!

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