Upcoming Live Workshops

August 14th

Tattwa Shuddhi: Elemental Purification With Tantric Meditation

During these four weeks you learn how to transform the pranic flow of the tattwas back to their original unmanifest form as primordial Shakti. As long as the prana flows outward through the sense organs, awareness will be engrossed in the external world. However, if we can expand our awareness into these subtle energies then the experience, knowledge and illumination can arise from the inner dimensions independent from the sensory organs.

Duration: 4 Weeks (8 instructional hours)
Days and Time: Saturdays at 10:00A (PST)
Next Starting Date: August 14th, 2021
Registration: Open!

August 18th

Opening The Third Eye For Insight And Self Realization

Divya Chakshu, or the divine inner eye, is also called the mind’s eye and is what allows you to see the subtle dimensions and ‘wake up’ to your highest truth. This course teaches you to activate the pineal gland and awaken the dormant regions of the brain allowing for a quantum leap in spiritual awareness to occur.

Duration: 4 Weeks (8 instructional hours)
Days and Time: Wednesdays at 10:00A (PST)
Next Starting Date: August 18th, 2021
Registration: Open

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Tripura Yoga is your online resource for yoga sadhana, therapy, and lifestyle. Utilize the authentic Vedic tools of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta to experience profound inner peace and silence, heal from trauma, recover from addictions, purify the mind/psyche, and experience the self-born bliss of your own true nature!

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