The Life Affirming Path Of Tantra

The Life Affirming Path Of Tantra

Tantric philosophy embraces a profound acceptance and celebration of life. Rather than viewing the world as a source of suffering to be rejected, Tantric understanding sees it as a dynamic expression of divinity. This perspective encourages not only celebration but also a deep engagement with life, characterized by insight and understanding. Unlike traditional philosophical approaches to self-realization, Tantra advocates a practical, experimental lifestyle with its own unique attitudes and values.

Central to Tantra is the idea that the human body is a fundamental tool for salvation, deserving of deep respect. The physical body, in its harmony and perfection, mirrors the order and completeness of the universe—a microcosmic representation of the macrocosm. The ultimate goal is the inner union of pure consciousness (Siva) and pure energy (Sakti), achievable only through the purification, control, and perfection of both mind and body.

Purification, in the Tantric context, is not about religious puritanism but rather the unfolding of awareness. True self-awareness is the initial step towards recognizing one’s spiritual identity. By shedding false identifications and dispelling misguided perceptions, individuals can achieve full self-integration. Life then transforms into an expression of the innate bliss and joy that constitute one’s true nature.

Unlike seeking gratification in sensory experiences, Tantric wisdom emphasizes finding contentment and satisfaction from within. Once aware of their true selves, individuals are no longer deluded by the objects of the senses, and the absence of such objects no longer leads to suffering. This awareness is likened to watching a movie with detachment—knowing it is not real life but a source of enjoyment. In Tantra, the spiritual awakening that reveals one’s true identity is the crucial first step, eliminating the need to renounce the world and enabling a richer, more fulfilling experience of life.

With my ascendant lord in the ninth house you can see that I have always been inclined towards spiritual interests. My first major spiritual awakening occurred at seventeen in which I had visions of past lives as a yogi and saw the ultimate mission and purpose of my soul (my sankalpa) during this life. About seven years later I met my guruji and my Kundalini Shakti was awakened through shaktipat diksha when I was twenty-four. The intense inner awakening that followed led me on many extended journeys through India and South East Asia studying with several great masters, whom trained me in the esoteric teachings of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedanta. With Jupiter in my tenth house (while bringing the strength of five planets from Sagittarius) I have always had a propensity towards teaching. To share these invaluable ancient traditional techniques with you is a tremendous blessing and honor. Hari Om, ~Devatma Saraswati

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