Yoga Nidra For Sleep Collection (13 MP3’s)

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Yoga nidra is a godsend for insomniacs! By practicing yoga nidra while in bed before falling asleep the brainwaves have a chance to relax in alpha state before going on to delta and finally theta. During normal nidra (sleep without yoga nidra) we go from beta waves straight to delta, without the deep relaxing alpha waves in between. Just this short phase of alpha waves while falling asleep allows for much deeper and more rejuvenating rest, as well.

The Three Steps To Yoga Nidra For Sleep:

Although there are many different Yoga Nidra for Sleep guided meditations available on the channel Tripura Mandala, you can also memorize the sequence and lead yourself into alpha state just by doing these three steps after crawling into bed to fall asleep:

  1. Body scan.
  2. Focus on the points of contact between the body and the bed.
  3. Mental alternate nostril breathing while counting down from 108.

One of the greatest hurdles for meditators is nidra, sleep. But for those who suffer from various sleeping disorders this form of meditation, done lying on your back in shavasana, is a great way to both induce sleep – as well as to enjoy meditative bliss and inner peace.