Astrological Reading with Devatma Saraswati

Astrological Reading with Devatma Saraswati


Your astrological reading is provided for free, all payment is only for the time invested in providing your consultation.

Available services:

  • Forecasting events related to your life, wealth, travel, fixed assets, children, education, health, relationships, lost items, pilgrimages, career, gains, loss and foreign affairs.
  • General understanding of your birth chart.
  • In depth understanding about the nakshatra related to each planet.
  • Revealing your life purpose vs souls obsessions.
  • Spiritual advice: What type of spiritual practices to do for each personality type and karmic obstacles.

We can meet on Zoom or email only if you prefer.


  • 60-Minute Consultation (Zoom/Skype)
  • 88-Page Birth Chart/Full Report


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You will be asked to submit your birth date, time and location on the confirmation page after checkout.


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