Sannyasi Atmakirti

Sannyasi Atmakirti

Sn Atmakirti is born in Chittaa Bhoomi to a Brahmin Hindu family where she was introduced to all the mantras, bhajan, kirtan, havan, puja viddhi and many traditional techniques which helped her to find her Guru Paramhansha Swami Satyananda ji and later Swami Niranjanananda ji.

Sn Atmakirti grew up listening to Paramhansha Swami Satyananda ji’s satsangs and participating in havan, kirtan, yoga and karma yoga in Rikhiapeeth ashram.She wrote many poems in Devanaagari and received many auspicious honors and blessings from Paramhansa ji. She is extremely skilled in chanting Sanskrit mantras. She grew up living a yogic lifestyle, which she continues to this day.

She was very blessed to have Paramhamsa Satyananda ji from very early in her life. Her purpose of life is Bhakti and Seva and believes that yoga and Sanskrit mantras are a hidden treasure in life.

“Wherever your body goes – yoga and mantas reveal the purpose and goal of life and it gives you the power to fulfill it.” ~Sn Atmakirti


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
SAN101 SAN101: Introduction To Sanskrit 11 Weeks January 1, 2022
IKY102 IKY102: Introduction To Mudras & Pre-Meditative Exercises 11 Weeks January 3, 2021