To collect, preserve and distribute the authentic teachings of Sanatana Dharma in a way that is accessible and practical to every individual is the mission of Tripura Yoga. The purpose of this is so that those experiencing various forms of stress, tension, pain and suffering may receive healing relief at the underlying inner core of their issue.

The Sankalpa of Tripura Yoga:

“Repopularize Vedic knowledge for a global spiritual awakening.”

This process of purifying the mind and psyche with yoga nidra and meditation also has the benefit of alleviating the source of all suffering, avidya (ignorance of Self). Once gnosis (jnana) of the immortal Self, or Atman occurs all psychic, mental, emotional and physical forms of suffering are transcended and dissociated from. There are many different paths and practices we can take to reach this aim according to our temperament, which is why we utilize the integral path of yoga as advised by our parampara guru Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj.

To present you with the various techniques and methods that bring about homeostasis and inner knowledge is the aim of Tripura Yoga and all it’s instruments.

The objective is to transcend the less than pleasant aspects of life so that you can get back to living, loving and laughing more fully and frequently!

This is achieved through:

  1. Free guided meditations on YouTube every Sunday night on the channel Tripura Mandala.
  2. Live four to twelve week courses.
  3. Online courses available only on Tripura Yoga – Udemy.


Tripura Yoga dedicates 10% of it’s annual earnings to Sivananda Math. A community outreach mission in Rikhia Panchayat, Deoghar, Jarkhand, India.

“The entire panchayat is my ashram. Every house here is my house. Their pains and pleasures are my own. Their poverty is my poverty.”
Swami Satyananda

“Learn to give, give in plenty, give with love, give without any expectation, one does not lose anything by giving, on the other hand you get back a thousand fold.”
Swami Sivananda