September 23d

Certified Chakra Therapy Program: Learn Chakra Diagnosis & Remedies

Learn how to diagnose each chakra and chose the right yoga therapy program to improve your clients weakest chakra and help them continue purifying the others.

The first class introduces a system of understanding the health and purity of each chakra by learning to assess the ruling Guna. A tamasic chakra is blocked and stagnant. A rajasic chakra is active but extroverted. A sattwic chakra is introverted and self aware. And a fully enlightened chakra is called trigunatita, meaning ‘beyond the three gunas altogether’.

Next we learn how to identify the guna dominating each chakra through a series of personal and impersonal questions you can ask your patient.

Finally we discuss the various forms and styles of Yoga, and how each one helps strengthen a particular chakra.

Benefits To This Training:

  1. Learn about the 8 modes of health each chakra can be in.
  2. Learn the attitudes and techniques to purify each chakra.
  3. Learn how to create questions to ask your clients in order to identify what mode of health each chakra is in.
  4. Learn about the yoga remedies for each chakra.
  5. Learn how to create a custom yoga plan for each unique client.
Duration: Four Saturdays.
Time: 8:00AM (Pacific – Los Angeles)
Starting Date: Saturday,September 23d, 2023.
Recorded Versions: Each session is recorded from start to finish and archived for those who can’t make the live sessions and for your future reference.

Registration: Open

October 6th

Maha Mudra: Tantric Sexual Alchemy (Kriya Yoga Initiation)

Get initiated into Tantric Maha Mudra, and learn to harness sexual energy for enhanced sensuality and spiritual bliss!

This complete course gives you full initiation into Tantric Maha Mudra, a kriya yoga sex sublimation technique. Learn the mudras, bandhas, pranayamas and kriyas for enhancing, prolonging and harnessing sexual energy. Enjoy heightened states of awareness, spontaneous meditation and blissful mental silence.

Benefits To This Training:

  1. Discover how to harness The Three Treasures of Tantra.
  2. Learn the process of sexual alchemy.
  3. Heal your relationship with your body.
  4. Learn three powerful methods for sexual healing.
  5. Learn the anatomy of the subtle body.
  6. Learn a powerful hymn to awaken Sri Kundalini Shakti.
  7. Learn to facilitate the ascent and descent of Sri Kundalini Shakti.
  8. Learn about the Triple Goddess and the three stages of spiritual awakening.
  9. Tandem meditation techniques for beginner Tantric partners.
  10. Purify the chakras with the force of Mantra.
  11. Introvert your power of desire for intoxicating inner bliss and ecstasy.
  12. Become orgasmic and learn to enjoy full body orgasms.
  13. Insights on the female experience (not covered in traditional literature).
  14. Get initiated into Tantric Kriya Yoga (Maha Mudra).
  15. Facilitate the expansion of consciousness.
  16. Become established in spiritual awareness.
  17. Master mudras and bandhas for redirecting sexual energy inwards and upwards.
Duration: Four Fridays.
Time: 8:00AM (Pacific – Los Angeles)
Starting Date: Friday, October 6th, 2023.
Recorded Versions: Each session is recorded from start to finish and archived for those who can’t make the live sessions and for your future reference.

Registration: Open

Dec 2nd

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (w/ Professional Certificate)


  • Confidently write your own yoga nidra scripts
  • Have a well rounded understanding for the theory and philosophy behind yoga nidra.
  • Know how to create learning paths and series for your listeners.
  • Understand the eight stages of yoga nidra and the purpose for each one.
  • How to write yoga nidra scripts for therapeutic applications.
  • Create yoga nidra series for chakras, elements, Ayurvedic doshas, etc.

This course focuses on experience and personal application with assignments given to ensure your success in passing the final examination (professional certificate of achievement is awarded to all who pass with 80% or more).

Duration: Eight consecutive days
Time: 8:00AM (Pacific – Los Angeles)
Starting Date: Saturday December 2nd, 2023.
Registration: Open