January 14th

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (w/ Professional Certificate)


  • Confidently write your own yoga nidra scripts
  • Have a well rounded understanding for the theory and philosophy behind yoga nidra.
  • Know how to create learning paths and series for your listeners.
  • Understand the eight stages of yoga nidra and the purpose for each one.
  • How to write yoga nidra scripts for therapeutic applications.
  • Create yoga nidra series for chakras, elements, Ayurvedic doshas, etc.

This course focuses on experience and personal application with assignments given to ensure your success in passing the final examination (professional certificate of achievement is awarded to all who pass with 80% or more).

Duration: Four Saturdays
Time: 3:00PM (Pacific)
Starting Date: Saturday, January 14th, 2023.
Registration: Open

February 5th

Six Months To Inner Silence: Antar Mouna Meditation Course

Antar Mouna means ‘inner silence’ and is a classic yoga meditation method consisting of six steps, which naturally leads the mind to meditative equipoise. Rather than waging war against the mind this method teaches ‘radical tolerance’ where you earn how to befriend the mind and develop higher awareness, relaxation, inner peace and silence.
Duration: Six months (24 weeks)
Time: 10:00AM (Pacific)
Starting Date: Sunday, February 5th, 2023.
Registration: Open