Vedic Life Coaching & Healing

  1. Yoga Therapy & Guidance: Receive personalized guidance in your yoga and meditation practice.
  2. Prana Vidya Healing: Accelerate the healing process and boost your levels of vitality and life force energy.
  3. Chakra Analysis & Diagnosis: We spend two sessions going over the strength and health of each chakra to reveal any blockages acting as major psychological obstacles in your personal life. Yogic remedies included.
  4. Sankalpa Guidance: Discover your core life purpose and receive guidance on developing a sankalpa for daily use.
  5. Vedic Astrology: Reveal your karmic obstacles and receive customized Vedic remedies just for you.
  6. Custom Live Yoga Nidra: We develop your idea for a yoga nidra session into a script and then experience it together live on Zoom (you are sent the recording).

Coaching Packages:

Yoga Therapy (General Session)

First we identify where you are currently at in your spiritual progress and then I empower you with the various tools of Yoga & Tantra towards overcoming any and all obstacles so that you can realize your highest potential!

1 Hr Session: $60

Prana Vidya Healing

Experience holistic rejuvenation with a Three-Session Prana Vidya Healing Journey, designed to restore balance, release stress, and accelerate your body’s natural healing. Tailored sessions guided by expert practitioner, Devatma Saraswati, await you – embark on this transformative path to renewed vitality and well-being today!

Private Live Session: $0 (Your Choice Donation)

Chakra Health Analysis & Remedies

We spend two sessions going over the strength and health of each chakra to reveal any blockages acting as major psychological obstacles in your personal life. Upon charting the gunas prevalent at each chakra we then discuss Vedic and Yogic remedies to empower your spiritual progress.

Two 1 Hr Sessions: $108

Sankalpa Guidance w/ Live Yoga Nidra

We each have a divine purpose for which we took human birth. That higher path of your soul gives you ultimate meaning and leads you to your greatest destiny. We work together to develop your sankalpa and refine the actual wording so that it motivates you to action and begins fueling your total transformation immediately!

Three 1 Hr Sessions: $147

Astrological Consultation (Vedic)

The stars at your time of birth are returning to you the karma of your soul (both the good and bad results of previous lifetimes). By looking at a chart of the sky at your time of birth we can see a map of your karmas. You can learn more about yourself in one hour of studying your birth chart than you may have in your entire lifetime!

  • General understanding of your birth chart.
  • Predicting upcoming positive/neutral/negative phases in your life and offer Vedic remedies.
  • Revealing your life purpose vs souls obsessions.
  • Spiritual advice: What type of spiritual practices to do for each personality type and karmic obstacles.
  • Reveal the future of your health/romantic/career/spiritual pursuits.
  • And more (please inquire).

Included: Free 88-page birth chart/full report generated just for you!

1 Hr Session: $49

Custom LIVE Yoga Nidra Session With Mp3

Do you have an idea for an awesome yoga nidra session!?

Send me your idea and we will develop it into a script. Then we meet on Zoom so you can enjoy experiencing it as a live yoga nidra session. I record your session and send you the Mp4 and Mp3 so that you can continue using them for your own private use (no commercial use allowed).

  • Step One: Send me your idea and I will develop it into a script!
  • Step Two: We meet on Zoom for a powerful LIVE yoga nidra session using your concept. I record your live session!
  • Step Four: I send you the recorded version (both Mp4 and Mp3) after the session.

Cost: $90