Yoga Nidra Immersion Course (3-Month Program)


Yoga Nidra Immersion Course (3-Month Program)

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Take your personal practice of yoga nidra to greater depths during this twelve-week immersive training in this profound yet practical yogic science of relaxation!

Each weekly session combines theory and practice as you first explore the subject matter before then lying down on your back for a complete live Yoga Nidra session by Devatma Saraswati.

Time: This class meets twelve Fridays from 8:00AM to 10:00AM (Pacific).
Starting Date: January 12th, 2024.
Location: Zoom (live link and password shared immediately after registration).
Recorded Version: Each workshop session is recorded from start to finish so you can refer back to it later and so you can view the material if you were not able to make the live webinar.



Benefits To This Training:

  • Retrain your body to release stress and tension.
  • Correct your sleeping patterns so you can fall asleep easily.
  • Release any pent-up psycho emotional tension.
  • Identify repressed thought patterns, limiting beliefs, etc.
  • Develop profound levels of physical and mental relaxation.
  • Experience greater inner silence, clarity and serenity.
  • Enjoy improved energy levels with restorative rest.
  • Experience the no-mind state of yoga nidra.


Month One: The Physical Body

Wk 1: Cultivating Awareness and Relaxation

Wk 2: Harnessing The Power Within Stillness

Wk 3: Managing Stress, Tension And Sleep

Wk 4: Retraining The Body To Release & Relax

Month Two: The Subtle Body

Wk 5: Utilizing The Dream State In Yoga Nidra

Wk 6: Emotions And The Power Within The Breath

Wk 7: Direct Vs Abstract Associations

Wk 8: Harnessing The Potential Of Sankalpa

Month Three: The Causal Body

Wk 9: The Three Stages Of Yoga Nidra

Wk 10: Inner Silence: Going Beyond The Mind

Wk 11: Merging Into Bindu: The Psychic Symbol

Wk 12: Samadhi: Conscious Unconsciousness


We begin with learning how to cultivate awareness of the physical body to deepen your ability to physically relax and release all muscular tension. This helps you to manage stress and tension in daily life, as well as improve sleep and your overall sense of wellbeing. In month two we begin working on the subtle body of the breath, emotions, mind and psyche – gradually developing inner harmony, peace and silence. This inner silence culminates into an experience of the Causal Body of sheer bliss beyond the mind, which is the subject matter for month three as you learn to use visualization and a psychic symbol for going beyond the mind completely into the meditative states of conscious unconsciousness, true yoga nidra.


You learn a scientific approach to relaxation, a very powerful approach to self therapy and psychological purification, self empowerment via the sankalpa, as well as a means for experiencing self-born bliss and That which is beyond all the outer surface layers of your being; the inner Self, or Atman.


You learn how to take your sankalpa and embed it deep into the inner core of your being, where it begins to influence your every thought, word and action towards realizing the divine purpose for which you have taken birth. To complete your sadhana! To manifest heaven on Earth! To make yourself One with God! Whatever your Sankalpa may be, the practice of yoga nidra is the means for sewing and nurturing the seeds to your success and ultimate destiny. The sankalpa is the compass, purushartha (self effort) is the fuel, and yoga nidra is the vehicle!

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1 review for Yoga Nidra Immersion Course (3-Month Program)

  1. Patricia Banos
    5 out of 5

    This course is a must for everyone.I have been practising yogra nidra for a long time, but I am enjoying this course with Devatma very much. He is the most amazing teacher and guide, combining knowledge and a wonderful sense of humor. His voice and guidance takes you to a very deep awareness of self and life.
    Thank you Devatma for being so special and giving.

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