Certified Chakra Therapy Program


Certified Chakra Therapy Program


Learn to diagnose chakra health and offer yogic remedies to your patients

Certified Chakra Therapy Training is a four week course that meets every Saturday online via Zoom.

You learn how to diagnose each chakra and chose the right yoga therapy program to improve their weakest chakra and help them continue purifying the others.

The first class introduces a system of understanding the health and purity of each chakra by learning to assess the ruling Guna. A tamasic chakra is blocked and stagnant. A rajasic chakra is active but extroverted. A sattwic chakra is introverted and self aware. And a fully enlightened chakra is called trigunatita, meaning ‘beyond the three gunas altogether’.

Next we learn how to identify the guna dominating each chakra through a series of personal and impersonal questions you can ask your patient.

Finally we discuss the various forms and styles of Yoga, and how each one helps strengthen a particular chakra.


This course includes a pdf workbook with all the lectures, slides, and questionaires needed to begin administering this technique to your own followers and clients. You receive a signed and dated certificate mentioning you as a ‘Chakra Therapist’. This course will revolutionize your understanding of the human body and personality, while providing you with the coveted access keys to effect massive change for personal growth and self evolution.


Starting Date: September 23d, 2023.
Duration: Four Saturdays.
Location: Online via Zoom.
Recorded Version: Each live session is recorded from beginning to end, then the view link is shared the following day.
Confirmation: You will receive an email receipt after checkout and I will personally reach out to you within 1-2 days to welcome you!



Unlock the Power of Chakra Therapy: Become a Certified Chakra Therapist!

Are you ready to learn a transformative approach towards chakra purification, holistic healing and personal growth? Welcome to the Certified Chakra Therapy Training – a four-week immersive course that will empower you to unlock the hidden potential within yourself and others.


Course Overview:

Duration: 4 Weeks (Every Saturday)
Online: Join us every Saturday via Zoom


Week 1: Understanding the Chakras and the Three Gunas


In your first class, we lay the foundation for your journey. You will delve into the fascinating world of chakras and their impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Discover how to diagnose each chakra’s health and purity by learning to assess the ruling Guna:

Tamasic Chakra: Blocked and stagnant
Rajasic Chakra: Active but extroverted
Sattwic Chakra: Introverted and self-aware
Trigunatita Chakra: Fully enlightened, beyond the three Gunas



Week 2: Identifying Dominant Gunas

Unlock the secrets of identifying the dominant Guna in each chakra through a series of personal and impersonal questions. This skill will be your guiding light as you embark on the path of chakra therapy.




Week 3: Yoga Therapy for Chakra Healing


Explore the diverse world of Yoga and how each style and form can be harnessed to strengthen a specific chakra. Gain the knowledge and tools to create personalized yoga therapy programs for yourself and your clients.




Week 4: Certification and Beyond


Receive a comprehensive PDF workbook containing all the course materials, lectures, slides, and questionnaires, allowing you to begin applying this transformative technique immediately. WE give examples and discuss how to utilize the full method you have learned. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a signed and dated certificate designating you as a ‘Chakra Therapist,’ a testament to your expertise.

Why Choose Certified Chakra Therapy Training?

Revolutionize Understanding: Gain a profound understanding of the human body and personality through the lens of chakras and Gunas.
Unlock Personal Growth: Access the keys to effect massive change for personal growth and self-evolution, not only for yourself but also for your clients and followers.

Join Us on this Enlightening Journey!
Become a Certified Chakra Therapist and help yourself and others achieve holistic balance, harmony, and self-realization.

Enroll Today! Your transformation awaits! 🌟


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