Re Breathing Workshop

Re Breathing Workshop


Meeting Time: Every Saturday at 10:00A (Pacific Time) for 4 weeks.

Dates: January 29th, 2022 to February 19th, 2022.

Recorded Version: The live sessions are recorded from start to finish and made available within 24-hours on the ‘Course Resources Page’ for those who cannot attend the live session.


Benefits To Taking This Training:

  • Learn a powerful meditation technique for suspending the breath and experiencing the no-mind state in only a few minutes.
  • Learn the stages of retraining the respiratory muscles to breath fully and deeply with conscious awareness.
  • Become imperturbable!
  • Learn to control your breath, inner state of mind, emotions and even the physiological processes of the body with your mind.
  • Quickly diffuse nervous tension and stress.
  • Facilitate healing, rejuvenation and longevity.
  • Develop self mastery through gaining control over your inner state.


The breath is the key to yoga and meditation. It is also the means for enjoying and interacting with all other areas of our life most fully. We breathe into comfortable and joyful experiences, and hold the breath out during times of stress and tension. In correct breathing accounts for the vast majority of suffering we put ourselves through, while limiting our access to life force energy and shortening our life span, as well.


Learning to breath correctly is one of the first preliminary stages of yoga sadhana. That is why we are dedicating a whole month to this topic alone.


You learn how to harmonize your breath with your body, mind and senses; leading them towards calmness, tranquility and transcendence. You learn a powerful meditation technique you can do lying down on your back allowing you to experience the no-mimnd state of pure consciousness in as few as four minutes. You also learn how to manage your inner state, body and emotions at all times by learning to manage the breath!


Prana is the chief among all the senses. When it is strengthened then the entire body-mind complex is strengthened, as well. According to yoga theory we are each given a certain quantity of breaths. When the last breath is drawn – the prana leaves the body and that is it. Hari Om Tat Sat! Therefore; shallow, rapid and unconscious breathing decreases the lifespan and the practices of yoga, such as pranayama, increases it.


You are in control of your inner state right now whether if you are now aware of it or not! By relearning how to breath you are willfully taking the helm of your mind and emotions, so that you become the master of your own self.


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