Complete Astrological Report

Complete Astrological Report


  • A complete 88-page report is sent to you within 72 hours!
  • Includes everything you ever wanted to know about your personal astrological influences.
  • Must have your birth date, time and location! Details will be entered on the confirmation page.

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Receive your astrological birth details and calculations all in one 88-page report. This report contains everything you need to know all in one PDF file. Refer back to this one document time and time again whenever you want to know your unique individual astrological details. Other resources, videos and websites will give you bits and pieces of what you need to know, but here you receive it all in one place. This report is generated using the most sophisticated Vedic astrology software used by the leading professionals in the world (which costs $299). This is a complete and detailed report!

Receive a personalized consultation to interpret and better understand your report here.

What’s included:

  • Your birth chart
  • Nakshatra details
  • Moon chart, sun chart and sudarshan chakra
  • 20 divisional charts with details for wealth, happiness, destiny, spouse, children, great success, parents, conveyances, spiritual progress, knowledge, strength, misfortunes, and more.
  • Upagrahas and subplanets
  • Naisargik Maitri Chakra
  • Tatkalik Maitri Chakra
  • Panchadha Maitri Chakra
  • Shodashvarga Summary
  • Shad Bala
  • Aspects on Planets
  • Aspects on Bhavas
  • Planets and their Moods
  • Ashtakavarga System
  • Sarvashtakvarga
  • Sarva Chancha Chakra
  • Ashtakavarga – Reductions
  • Influence of Planets on Body Parts
  • Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas (Phases of your life and which planet is ruling it).
  • Yogini Mahadasha and Antardashas
  • Kala Chakra Mahadasha and Antardashas
  • Jaimini System
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha
  • Sthira Dasha
  • Niryaana Shoola Dasha
  • Drig Dasha
  • Navamsha Dasha
  • Narayana Dasha
  • Lagna Kendradi Rashi Dasha
  • Shoola Dasha
  • Tribhagi Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Tribhagi 40 Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Shodashottari Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Dwadashottari Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Dwisaptatisama Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Dwisaptatisama Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Shastihayani Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Shattrimshatsama Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Panchottari Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Satabdika Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Chaturshitisama Mahadasha and Antardasha
  • Sadhesati of Saturn
  • Laghu Kalyani Dhayya and Kantaka Saturn
  • Krishnamurti Paddhati


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