Lead Instructor

Sannyasi Atmakirti

Sn Atmakirti is born in Chittaa Bhoomi to a Brahmin Hindu family where she was introduced to all the mantras, bhajan, kirtan, havan, puja viddhi and many traditional techniques which helped her to find her Guru Paramhansha Swami Satyananda ji and later Swami Niranjanananda ji. Sn Atmakirti grew up listening to Paramhansha Swami Satyananda ji’s […]

Devatma Saraswati

With my ascendant lord in the ninth house you can see that I have always been inclined towards spiritual interests. My first major spiritual awakening occurred at seventeen in which I had visions of past lives as a yogi and saw the ultimate mission and purpose of my soul (my sankalpa) during this life. About […]