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Integral Kriya Yoga 101


3-Month full yogic training! Progress through the beginners asanas, pranayama, meditation, shatkarma, yoga theory, Vedas, Vedanta, tantra shastra, Samkhya philosophy, mantra, puja, chakras, kundalini shakti and more.

At 10:00 am

The Madhya: Learn To Meditate Within The Hub Of Your Heart


In this easy yet profound meditation form you learn to sit quietly and watch the incoming and outgoing breath with total awareness focused at the hub of your heart, the madhya. Here you will notice the incoming breath and outgoing breath both dissolve into inner space.This such a simple meditation technique that it can be […]

At 5:30 pm

Yoga of the Heart: Total Emotional Freedom with Upanishadic Meditation


Release all pent up emotions and let go of everything preventing you from enjoying expansive bliss in each and every moment! Within your heart is an ocean of self-born bliss waiting to flood over in rapturous ecstasy. The immense bliss at the heart center, hrdayakasha, is available to everyone at all times; however for most […]

At 10:00 am

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 2


Take your knowledge of yoga nidra to the next level and learn how to construct specialized scripts for therapeutic applications, pranic healing, stress release, neurological reprogramming, addiction recovery, and overcoming phobias and trauma. Students must have already completed Yoga Nidra Teachers Training level One. Week One: Therapeutic applications of yoga nidra. Week Two: How to […]

At 9:30 am