Higher Self Coaching

The wise one perceives one’s own higher Self in all, and all in one’s own higher Self. Therefore, he does not hate or injure anyone. Such a person loves everybody as one loves God.” -Ishavashya Upanishad

Let's make that transformative difference happen in your life together!

Namaste, Blessed Self!

Within you is an unlimited source of unimaginable strength and power! All the knowledge and wisdom of the universe is already there within you, you only have to believe in your self and learn how to reclaim your personal power!

The purpose behind these coaching sessions is to re-unite you with your higher Self and begin the true process of deep inner healing and radical personal growth.

Begin a time-tested systematic path of self-growth and personal transformation...
When all the senses are stilled, when the mind is at rest,
when the intellect wavers not, then, say the wise,
the highest state is reached.

This calm of the senses and the mind
has been defined as yoga.
He who attains it is freed
from all delusion and suffering.

~ Katha Upanishad

What Is Higher Self Coaching?

From total self-confidence comes total Self realization, and from total Self realization comes total self-confidence. One is dependent on the other, so how do you break into this most positive cycle of self-empowerment? To experience these extraordinary outcomes you need a coach/mentor with a reliable method for imparting these results to you.

I believe in your unique greatness and want to empower you to become so self-confident and so independent – that you are able to realize the Self spontaneously and manifest total fulfillment and abundance on every level of your being!

Higher Self Coaching was created to achieve this aim: To empower each person to experience their true nature and gain knowledge of their own Self, so you can receive inner guidance and wisdom from that infinite universal Source anytime you need.

The true guru is within!

To become firmly established in your own inner guru is the objective of Higher Self Coaching. Then you have transcended the need for external guidance, techniques, methods and concepts. The various yogic techniques and Tantric practices that you are learning guide you deeper and deeper within towards having that inner experience of your own true nature.

What Do You Get?

You receive live private instruction in the ancient sciences of Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta and Ayurveda. As well as detailed guidance in gaining success in the yogic techniques of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (psychic gestures), bandha (energy locks), and dhyanam (meditation).

Receive a mantra suited for your personality with detailed instructions on how to perform yoga and tantra sadhanas (spiritual practices). All coaching sessions are held live using Skype (Facebook Messenger optional).

Benefits From Higher Self Coaching:
  • Receive a customized Tantric Yoga and meditation routine.
  • Guidance on living the yogic lifestyle.
  • Counseling and direction on a difficult issue.
  • Reveal and transcend your habitual responses and limiting beliefs.
  • Therapy and healing for any past mental/emotional wounds.
  • Implement priceless yogic wisdom to overcome all your past personal limitations!
  • Realize your purpose and discover greater meaning to life!
  • Transcend all fear of death so you can live a life of limitless joy!
  • Improve your personal self-image and natural confidence!
  • Develop radical self love and confidence!
  • Heal and integrate your shadow self/fractured parts of your soul.
  • De program your social and cultural conditioning!
How To Get Started!
  1. Fill in the ‘New Client Intake Form’ below.
  2. Upon acceptance follow the instructions in your acceptance email to use the booking calendar to select a date and time that works best for you.
  3. You will receive the Skype and Facebook contact info for Sri Devidas on the confirmation page after scheduling your private session, and a personal confirmation message from Sri Devidas within 72 hours!

New Client Intake Form

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