Meditation As Therapy

Meditation is by far the most powerful form of therapy, not only because we learn how to still and silence the outer layers of our being, but because those few moments of inner silence allow us to experience the perfect joy of our own true nature; the bliss of Self.

In this era of constant sensory stimuli with smart phones and personal computers we do not even know how to relax without bombarding or senses with even more stimuli.

What most of us need is just the chance to become still and experience the perfect serenity of inner peace and silence.

When the mind slows down and eventually becomes perfectly tranquil we experience the bliss of this eternal moment. We experience this moment by observing the living flow of silence. Rather than seeing silence as a vacuum of sorts, learn to see it as a living flow.

It does not matter what particular issues your participants are suffering from, yoga nidra provides the extremely rare opportunity to just become still and serene. In those moments of inner silence relief from the mind, emotions and even physical pain can be found. In fact, just a brief moment of yoga nidra is enough to recharge and revitalize the deepest levels of the psyche.

By remaining still and relaxed for extended durations of time, the mind relearns how to release nervous tension.

When we transcend the body and mind while still awake we are left with only the experience of the Self; the perfect bliss of eternal being.