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The First Principle Of Yoga Nidra Is:

What are the three bodies:

That consciousness which you are can never be an object of awareness because it is pure awareness itself!

What is sakshibhava?

The eight steps of yoga nidra are:

The Three Stages of Yoga Nidra Are

What is the difference between Turiya and Samadhi?

What is the difference between the practice of yoga nidra and the state of Yoga Nidra?

What are the five sheaths (panchamayakosha)

What are the three substages of step one?

What is the sankalpa

Which sheath is the visualization step for?

Which sheath is the body scan for?

What are abstract associations?

What are the three fold tensions?

The limbic system is responsible for:

What is the first of the four phases of stress-induced illnesses?

The most compassionate approach is to treat other peoples pain as thought it were real, not merely a result of ignorance.

How to distance ourselves from negative experiences during yoga nidra

Which is not a short term benefit of yoga nidra?

Which is a long term benefit of yoga nidra?

What is the motor hominculus?

Physical stillness is perfected during the last step of yoga nidra.

What is sankalpa shakti?

What step of yoga nidra helps develop emotional intelligence

What are the three levels of intelligence?

In the absence of conscious awareness, most individuals create their illusions of reality unconsciously.

What is the difference between sabija and nirbija samadhi?

The ____________ serves as a powerful vehicle for maintaining wakefulness as one delves into the depths of the unconscious mind.

What does pratyahara mean?

You should always command the effect you want your listeners to have, not create the cause.

Beginners students will require a slower paced body scan, while advanced students can go a bit faster.

What is the purpose for using negative imagery?