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Zero Point Yoga Nidra Course


  • Experience measurable results in your ability to heal your self and others with prana.
  • Remove any energetic blockages preventing a healthy flow of prana throughout your body.
  • Begin experiencing the Self-born bliss of your own atma shakti, spiritual power.
  • Increase your natural energy levels for more fulfilling interactions with life.
  • Feel and look years younger with improved health and greater vitality.
  • Enjoy possessing a potent and previously very secret spiritual knowledge.


Learn A Coveted Ancient Yogic Science And Access An Unlimited Sea Of Cosmic Energy Within The Nucleus Of Your Being…

Within the infinite zero point of ether, or space, is a vast sea of cosmic life force energy. Space is not empty, but full of a tremendous source of power that is funneled into each organism through the nucleus of its energy body.

This set of rare guided meditations breaks down the process of tapping into the unified field of unlimited cosmic energy, as well as for mastering prana shakti, into seven easy and fun to do yoga nidra sessions.

The ancient yogic science of prana gives you the systematic method for gradually increasing your awareness to the dimension of bio energy; so you can raise, concentrate and direct the life force energy of prana shakti for healing your self and others, manifesting your desires, spiritual awakening, and any other purpose you can imagine.

Begin by learning to perceive life force energy within your own body, then as you gradually refine your perception of prana you can intuitively learn to increase, magnify and consciously direct pranic energy.


Info: 7 complete yoga nidra session with workbooks.
Duration: 26 to 47 minutes each
Files: 14
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners

Individual Sessions:

Meditation #1: Exploring The Dimensions Of Inner Space
Meditation #2: Developing Awareness Of The Chakras
Meditation #3: Purifying The Chakras
Meditation #4: Perceiving The Subtle Flow Of Prana
Meditation #5: Awakening The Pranic Body
Meditation #6: Harnessing And Directing Prana
Meditation #7: Mentally Healing Others With Prana


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