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Yoga Nidra Therapy


  • Quickly experience total relief from stress, anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Experience progressively deeper states of absolute mental and physical relaxation.
  • Become aware of how you habitually hold nervous tension within your body.
  • Feel deeply revitalizing inner peace, serenity and tranquility.


Get Instant Relief From Stress And Develop An Imperturbable State Of Inner Peace And Tranquility…

I’m going to be honest with you, although yoga nidra as therapy will definitely allow you to experience relief from your stress and nervous tension, it will take several sessions to experience the deepest levels of relaxation possible. However, this IS the very yogic technique that produces the inner peace and stillness that can often be even more refreshing than a full night’s rest.

It’s like a massage for your mind, and a spa treatment for your nerves!

I’m not going to promise that this is the magic pill to all your problems, but what I can promise is that the more you listen to this mp3 the more easily you will be able to release habitually-held nervous tension, remaining imperturbable and stress-free during increasingly more and more circumstances and areas of your life.

This is because the practice of yoga nidra as therapy increases your self-awareness of your own inner state of being, and how you physically manifest stress, anxiety and nervous tension through the neuromuscular system. Gradually awareness brings illumination and self-growth.

Become Imperturbable To Stress!

There is no secret or magic happening here, it is very practical, scientific and systematic. Just click play, lie down to get comfortable, begin the process and then enjoy the results.

This method is very powerful because it gradually teaches you how to master your own neuromuscular system, so that you can properly manage stress, and remain in control of your body, emotions, behaviors and inner states throughout your day.

Continued practice will allow you to enjoy deeper states of inner peace, self-born joy and tranquility – as the pleasurable sensations of inner calm and bliss continue to expand and become increasingly more powerful, vivid, and real.

A Systematic Method For Relieving All Forms of Physical, Emotional, Mental And Subconscious Stress and Tension!

Yoga nidra as therapy is essentially a very ancient systematic science with many potent methods for achieving total mental quietude and inducing a state of both heightened awareness and the relaxation most conducive for meditation (which was the aim of the ancient yogis). For those who are merely seeking mental peace and quiet, and some shelter from the stress of the world – these techniques are invaluable for providing solace and creating the conditions for the desired results.

Maintain A Tranquil And Serene State Of Mind Throughout Your Day

Achieving a state of absolute and total mental quietude seems like an impossible task for most of us, but with the practices of yoga nidra as therapy you can enjoy using the most natural and ‘fast-acting’ methods available, which you can begin using right now.

Give yourself this chance to put your mind at perfect ease, and start experiencing deeper and deeper states of absolute relaxation, serenity and inner silence.

Release Habitual Nervous Tension With Yoga Nidra As Therapy

Most people who come to yoga nidra as therapy were merely looking for relief from some ongoing condition that has been a part of their life for some time. They are pleasantly surprised to find that this technique has the ability to quickly teach you to identify where you are habitually holding nervous tension in your body, and to immediately drop that tension… just relax, and re-gather yourself.

Yoga nidra as therapy allows you to discover how manifest emotional and mental tension through your nervous and muscular system, providing you a very gentle and non-intrusive method for releasing all tension and enjoying total relief.

Enjoy Life More Fully And Intimately!

The techniques of yoga nidra as therapy help you to develop greater awareness of your neuromuscular system. You not only gradually learn to let go of all forms of stress instantaneously, but you begin stepping into a more intimate encounter and relationship with life. Once you are completely aware of how you hold nervous tension, and have achieved a level of awareness over that, you can now begin to enjoy a deep level of total relaxation daily – going beyond stress, tension and anxiety; and allowing the practices of yoga nidra as therapy help you to begin enjoying your life more, gradually learning to fully master your own mind, emotions and states of mind.

After only a short amount of time upon beginning, the effects of the practice begin pouring over into every area of your life, improving your ability to manage your inner state in every personal, social and professional interaction.


Length: 42 minutes
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


“I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for over 23 years and this is really helping me develop inner strength.  I particularly liked this because it brings the connection of mind and emotion and how it affects our whole being.” – Karen
“Have had some out of the most stressful situations arise in my home of late during the day and for the first time have had the strength to separate myself from them, come to my room and put on yoga nidra… enhanced…. each time it has settled me totally (I have borderline personality disorder)… and renewed inner strength…. I still listen regularly every night, couldn’t do without it…. absolutely stops my mind from racing.” –Pamella
“It’s like nirvana in sounds!” –Julie
“Wonderfully healing and deep thank you so much, helped me a lot.” –Stella


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