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Yoga Nidra for Sleep – Floating Down A River On A Blue Lotus


  • FREE Bonus Mp3: Get the 37 min YouTube version included free!
  • Enjoy this extra long 90-minute guided relaxation for sleep journey!
  • Get the rest you need so you can wake up fully energized and ready to take on the world!
  • Look forward to a fun and easy way to induce deep sleep fast!


A Comforting Bed Time Story And Potent Yoga Nidra Session All in 1!

Just close your eyes and totally relax as you enjoy floating down a sacred river on a magical blue lotus. Enjoy listening to the sounds of the forest and river, such as frogs chirping, water running across smooth river rocks and crickets serenading your journey, you can now relax deeper and deeper, gracefully drifting off into the peaceful depths of unconsciousness.

This blissful and soothing 90-minute yoga nidra for sleep mp3 is like having a bedtime story being read to you personally, so you can now look forward to quickly falling asleep with perfect ease and joy, each night!

Why 90 minutes? It is very unlikely you will make it through the first five minutes! But if you do, you will enjoy more and more of the story, as well as deeper and deeper states of relaxation each time you listen.

Yoga nidra is an ancient yogic technique to experience deeper and deeper states of physical and mental relaxation. Yogis use it to remain conscious while exploring the realms of physical and mental sleep. Some can easily achieve a complete nights rest in as little as two hours.

Listening to a yoga nidra session before sleep gives you the unfair advantage of waking up completely refreshed, fully energized and ready for the world!

This mp3 contains several rounds of body scanning, imagery, breathing techniques for sleep, and guided visualizations such as strolling through a magical forest, resting beside a mountain stream, and floating down a river in a giant blue lotus.

When you purchase this mp3 you can look forward to climbing into bed while listening to relaxing background music with binaural beats, a soothing talk-down, and several potent hypnotic sleep induction techniques to help you both completely relax and get the rest you need.

Put an end to the struggle to falling asleep and download this mp3 now so you can wake up feeling your absolute best tomorrow!

FREE Bonus Mp3: Get the short 37-minute YouTube version included for free!



Length: 90 minutes + Free Bonus 37 minute version
Files: 2
Language: English
Format: Mp3’s
Delivery: Immediate Download


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