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Yoga Nidra for Insomnia


  • Utilize an ancient yogic science for putting the body and mind to sleep.
  • Fall asleep fast and easily, enjoying higher quality sleep.
  • Release all your stress, tension and concerns from your day.
  • Wake up fully refreshed, re-energized and excited for life!


Defeat Insomnia NOW With Yoga Nidra And Get Higher Quality Rest In Less Time!

There is no longer any need to toss and turn or struggle to fall asleep. Within the ancient teachings of the yogis is a certain technique called yoga nidra, which is capable of silencing the mind, withdrawing the senses and literally putting the body to sleep.

In this modern age when the most common solution is pharmaceutical drugs, we are very fortunate that yoga has become as main stream as it has, reaching hundreds of millions around the globe. With this ancient knowledge has come many useful techniques for nearly every faucet of the human being.

This ancient knowledge is the inheritance of all mankind, and can be utilized by all no matter what your age, gender or position in society.

With such valuable resources, why bother struggling to fall asleep? Just put the methods into action and allow the results to just naturally happen.

Most of the time we cannot sleep because the mind is oscillating too much, and won’t allow us to fully rest, relax and shut off. Trying to make the mind be quiet seems an impossible task; however, this is an issue that mankind has been faced with for ages.

An Methodical Ancient Yogic Science

Over the millennia various meditators discovered techniques that gave certain measurable results in the mind and body. These techniques were collected, organized and catalogued over many tens-of-thousands of years; becoming what we know today as ‘yoga’.

One technique for disengaging the mind from its train of thought is to listen to external sounds as if they were totally foreign and new, not associating them with anything from your past. By listening to the raw textures of sound, in and of themselves, the mind is completely distracted from its previous patterns and can shift modes.

Body Scan Meditation Helps To Distract The Mind And Develop Deep Relaxation

Another technique is what has become known as body scan meditation. By rotating the awareness through every part of the body the mind is given a task which both distracts it from its previous oscillating patterns and increases physical relaxation.

After enough of these techniques are employed the body and mind can begin sinking down into deeper and deeper states of restful relaxation.

Even if the mind does not sleep, the methods are guaranteed to put the body to sleep. Because the two are so intertwined it is very unlikely that the mind will not also sleep after the body has. However, in rare circumstances of extreme insomnia it may occur. In such cases, yoga nidra for sleep provides the ultimate solution as they one technique you can use to put your body to sleep and still get all the rest you need.

Many yogis are able to achieve the equivalent of a total nights rest in just two or three hours of yoga nidra. In this light, yoga nidra can be seen as both the best way to fall asleep fast, and the best solution for when nothing else is working.


Duration: 22 minutes
Language: English
Format: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download


“I listen to this every single night before bed… Even when I’m not tired but need to go to sleep, this will knock me out. I love it!” ~Alexa
“Thank you so much for this! I use it several times a week when I wake in the night.  I’ve shared it with several friends with similar issues. We are so grateful for it.” ~Nancy
I wanted to let you know, Tripura, that I listen to this meditation every night for months and months and it’s helped me sleep better and more deeply than any medication could. You could say that this ‘meditation’ is ‘medication’ in itself!” ~Simon
“This is wonderful. I’ve enjoyed in the past. Now need to focus again for better sleeps. it always works & one goes into a beautiful state of relaxation” ~Rose
“I have listened to this every night for months and it’s wonderful!  Your voice is so soothing.” ~Sarah


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