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Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep


  • Completely release all the built up stress and tension from your day, so you can enjoy the deepest possible rest.
  • Consistently fall asleep quick and easily.
  • Enjoy a natural abundance of high energy!
  • Release habitual tension subconsciously held in the neuromuscular system.


A Fast And FUN Way To Re-Train Your Self To Quickly Fall Asleep Every Night!

Now you can imagine looking forward to crawling into bed and easily falling asleep each and every night, waking up feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Yoga nidra for deep sleep gives you the opportunity to completely release and let go of all nervous tension that has built up through out your day, so your body and mine can enjoy a full night of the most restorative and revitalizing rest sleep can provide.

The best thing about yoga nidra for deep sleep is that you can easily memorize the techniques after only a few nights of worry free rest and employ them on your own no matter where you are!

A Collection Of The Most Potent And Hypnotic Sleep Inductions

This full length soothing talk-down utilizes powerful hypnotic inductions to systematically guide you through deeper and deeper states of total physical and mental relaxation.

Have you noticed yourself feeling less energy lately?

With these most potent and ageless yogic techniques of yoga nidra for deep sleep you can enjoy experiencing deeper relaxation and higher quality rest in just minutes. Yoga nidra provides you the opportunity to enjoy deeper relaxation than in even typical deep sleep.

Enjoy An Extra Months Worth Of Free Time Every Year!

After only a brief amount of time you will notice that you can get better sleep in less time! Many find they only need 6-hours of sleep per night instead of their usual 8, as before!

That gives an additional two hours per day to give to your pursuits and passions! Two hours per day equals 730 hours per year, which is the same as a calendar month!

Can you imagine what you will accomplish with an extra month per year?!

Why is yoga nidra for deep sleep so effective?

By scanning your awareness through your entire body multiple times you not only distract the patterns of your mind which is preventing you from falling asleep, but you are simultaneously allowing the autonomic nervous to completely release all tension from the day, and just let go.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for the “fight or flight” response to stress in your environment. All day long our nervous system keeps us alert to stress by tensing various muscles throughout the body. Because the body is only doing its job, it is important to have a means of consciously releasing all muscular and nervous tension at the end of each day. Yoga nidra is the fastest and most effective approach for achieving a state of total mental and physical relaxation.

By listening to even 5 minutes of yoga nidra for deep sleep each night before rest you are able to give your entire body and mind complex the opportunity to revitalize, rejuvenate and repair itself so you can wake up feeling your absolutely best each and every day!

Stop tossing, turning and waking up exhausted! Download yoga nidra for deep sleep and get the re-energizing rest you need NOW!


Length: 57 min.
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


“This always makes me fall asleep even if I’m feeling wide awake. It’s wonderfully done.” ~Victoria
“This is probably the best yoga nidra session I’ve ever experienced. It’s a blissful and heavenly experience!” ~Angeles
“This is one of a very few really powerful recordings. And masterfully created. Result is immediate.” ~Max
“Every night for a few months now. Works every time!” ~Kristina


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