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Yoga Nidra – Exploring Outer Space


  • Awaken your heart as you feel intimately at one with all life in existence.
  • Provides the experience of total physical, mental and emotional stillness and relaxation.
  • Allows you to enjoy seeing the perfect order, balance and harmony of the universe.
  • Guides you towards experiencing a deep sense of inner calm and relief as you transcend your own physical body and limited sense of being.
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Take This Journey Into Outer Space And Enjoy Merging As One With The Universe!

In this extremely exciting and fun guided visualization you are led to enjoy the opportunity to leave your physical body behind, and expand outwards to envelope your town, country, planet, solar system, galaxy and the entire universe!

Can you imagine how exciting it would feel to safely rise up away from your body and see your whole neighborhood, continent, planet and solar system as you experience rising higher and higher into the heavens above!?


Length: 31 minutes
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners

Give yourself this opportunity to take the journey of a lifetime by downloading this mp3 guided visualization session…


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