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Yoga Nidra – Climbing The Sacred Mountain


  • Go on an adventurous sacred pilgrimage to the peak of a sacred mountain.
  • Give your self the opportunity to experience total mental and physical relaxation.
  • Experience the rewarding sensations of overcoming great obstacles and challenges.
  • Emerge from this yoga nidra session refreshed and reinvigorated.


Enjoy A Fun And Inspiring Guided Adventure As You Recharge And Refresh Your Body And Mind!

Give yourself this time to close your eyes and escape away to a very special place all your own, as you meet your mysterious guide and travel together through the foothills, forests and rugged terrain of a sacred mountain.

You meet various challenges and difficulties, nearly turning back and giving up, but you press on and discover the epic feeling of achievement after reaching the summit of the highest peak.

This very special yoga nidra session mimics the challenges one faces in any great pursuit, and allows you to feel as if you are taking the actual steps of the journey as you overcome adversity and transcend your own limitations.

This is not only an incredible adventure, which you get to live through your own eyes! But it is also an incredibly relaxing yoga nidra session, which affords you the valuable opportunity to release all nervous and muscular tension, and just relax for some time.

Every time you do this guided meditation you will experience it differently, depending on your mood and the aspects of the journey you feel like emphasizing in that moment. You are bound to get something different out of this guided meditation each time you listen.


Length: 30 minutes
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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