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Yoga Nidra Bliss – The Ultimate Stress Management Relaxation Techniques


  • Experience extreme relaxation of both the body and mind.
  • Includes 5 mp3’s: 80-min, 60-min, 45-min, 30-min and 15-min versions.
  • Enjoy perfect relief from all forms of stress, tension, or anxiety.
  • Develop a state of imperturbable inner peace.
  • Plug-in and recharge from the all-pervasive cosmic vital energy of the universe!


Experience An Imperturbable State Of Inner Peace Now!

In this incredibly calming and soothing guided relaxation you session, you progress through deeper and deeper states of absolute relaxation. First total relaxation is developed in the body, then the emotions, thoughts and state of mind becomes totally tranquil and serene.

Includes 5 alternate length versions so you can get the relief you need in as much time as you have free at the moment…

  • The complete 80 minute version.
  • 60-minute version
  • 45 minute version
  • 30 minute version
  • 15 minute version

This is an incredibly powerful and fast acting method for developing an imperturbable state of inner peace and clarity in only moments!

The mental inner stillness that is developed during this session is incredibly re-energizing and revitalizing – allowing you to enjoy complete and total relief from all stress and tension.

Overview Of The Practice:

  • The physical body. First we develop total physical relaxation through the body scan technique, releasing all muscular tension.
  • The emotions. Next we put the energy body, or the emotional body of feelings to a state of total rest by following the breath into deeper and more sublime states.
  • The mind. In order to distract the mind and interrupt the current thought patterns you listen to the raw texture of sounds, without associating them with their source or implications. The raw qualities of sound are meditated upon, bringing about mental silence.
  • The consciousness. In order to bring about a state of equipoise, equanimity and serenity we rotate the mind through the highs and lows of the senses, feelings and states. This brings about a balanced and un-attached inner state of deep inner peace, joy and contentment.
  • Cosmic recharge. After developing total physical, emotional and mental stillness you can easily develop awareness of your subtle energy body, as you breath in the all-pervasive life force, or prana, of the universe. Experience the prana building stronger within your inner core of vitality at the solar plexus, and end your practice feeling fully recharged, energized and revitalized!


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