Yoga Nidra Audio Course

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  • Discover the deeply refreshing and revitalizing effects of a long-term personal practice of yoga nidra.
  • Feel greater inner peace, joy and self-born bliss.
  • Illuminate your hidden potential, unique traits and personal nature.
  • Transcend habitual tendencies to hold nervous tension in the neuromuscular system.
  • Transcend the root cause of all unwanted thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors.
  • Develop a sense of total imperturbable inner peace towards the outer world.
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Learn A Systematic Method Of Yoga Nidra To Get Quick Relief From Stress And Enjoy Increasingly Deeper States Of Total Mental And Physical Relaxation.

Enjoy the deeply rewarding benefits of this fun yet powerful series of seven full-length yoga nidra sessions. This course presents you with this ancient science in a systematic step-by-step method that is both fun and easy to learn; so all you need to do is lie down, press play, and enjoy experiencing deeper and deeper states of restful relaxation.

Imagine being able to go to a sanctuary within your self where you could experience total physical stillness, inner silence and mental peace whenever you needed it…

By remaining awake through the process of putting the body and mind asleep, you are able to create a much more relaxed, comfortable and calm state of inner peace and silence; thus transcending all mental and physical stress and tension.

For those wishing to use these practices for sleep, simply do not resist the powerful urge to drift into unconsciousness. This is the first barrier in yoga nidra. For those who want to use it to go deeper into the depths of their consciousness, it is a challenge; but for those needing a potent and reliable way to fall asleep at night, it is a great boon.

Establish A Deep Connection To Your Core Of Personal Strength And Power

The glory in yoga nidra is that it allows you to transcend the gross levels of your being, and continually go deeper and deeper within, making contact with your core of personal strength, wisdom and power.

Upon learning to remain awake after putting the body to sleep, one gradually learns to remain awake while putting the conscious mind to sleep, as well. This brings an incredibly liberating discovery, that although you have a mind – you are not your mind. Even a moment in this state of perfect contentment is enough to totally refresh and revitalize the body and mind.

Learn To Release Habitual Tension And Willfully ‘Unwind’ With Ease

Yoga Nidra increases your self-awareness of where you habitually hold subconscious nervous tension in the neuromuscular system. By learning to recognize where you physically manifest stress and tension, you can quickly release and unwind by consciously relaxing, re-choosing how to breath and regaining control of your inner state.

There is no ‘hocus-pocus’ or faith healing involved. This is a methodical yogic science for developing increasingly deeper states of relaxation, increasing self-awareness, illuminating your consciousness, and revealing your inner nature, unique talents and personal power.

What we come into contact with as our personal practice of yoga nidra progresses is a renewed vision of our selves, an inner sanctuary that is our core of wisdom, strength and willpower. We realize we are not our bodies, not our mind, not the five senses, and not the psyche.

Transcend All Mortal Fear And Discover Perfect Inner Peace

As you come closer and closer to the realization of your infinite and eternal Self, all mortal fear vanishes like shadows at dawn, and a deep inner peace, serenity and zest for life is born in your heart.

It is said that God hid the greatest secret to life the last place any one would ever look for it, within our selves. Yoga nidra is a very powerful set of practices, which allow you to go within and unlock all the secrets of the universe that lie hidden within your self.


Info: 7 complete and systematic yoga nidra session with workbooks.
Duration: 34 – 52 minutes
Files: 14
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners

Individual Sessions:

Session #1: Awakening With Tantric Symbolsim
Session #2: Perceiving Beyond The Five Senses
Session #3: Purifying The Subconscious Mind
Session #4: Perceiving The Qualities Of Awareness

Session #5: Illuminating The Inner Dimensions
Session #6: Awakening The Chakras
Session #7: Experiencing Joyful Inner Silence

Now you can embark upon this journey of all journeys within your self, with this one-of-a-kind guided meditation series!


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