Yoga Business Coaching

Yoga Business Coaching


60 minute coaching with Devatma Saraswati

The recorded Mp4 version of your coaching session is sent to you directly after our meeting!



My two main interests and lifelong passions have been yoga and meditation, as well as small business start-ups! I look forward to this opportunity to reunite with you and help you overcome whatever obstacles and challenges are preventing you from taking your yoga business to your ultimate level of potential!

I am certain that you have tremendous untapped potential and can achieve both your life purpose by teaching yoga, as well as living the lifestyle of your choice and financial freedom with your own private business!

Why do private coaching with me…

  1. Build your sales funnel.
  2. Find your audience.
  3. Create products your audience is already looking for.
  4. Discover monetizable platforms for your products.
  5. Learn self discipline, time management and accountability!
  6. Market research
  7. Marketing strategies
  8. Free and paid advertising sources
  9. Website creation guidance
  10. Audio/Video production guidance
  11. Fast ways to start bringing in revenue
  12. Resources, resources, and more resources!



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