TAN101: Introduction To Shakti Tantra

TAN101: Introduction To Shakti Tantra


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Duration: 24 Weeks (6-Months)
This is an ongoing course and you can join the pre recorded sessions at any time! The new live sessions are on Thursdays at 10:00A (Pacific) via Zoom.
Course Material: Enjoy immediate access to the resources area containing: Guided practice video and mp3 for each month, PDF document containing the slides used for each workshop, and the recorded version of each live session (updated within 48 hours of each new class).

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Shakti Tantra is the goddess path to ancient spiritual knowledge, which provides a life-affirming approach to human sexuality and spirituality. This six month course goes over the fundamental concepts, theory, sacred literature as well as practices and actual techniques of Shakti Tantra. You learn beginners to advanced esoteric Tantric theory, how to chant Sanskrit mantras and stotras, how to perform pujas, arati, abhisheck and havan to the various Devas and Devis. In addition you gradually learn each mudra, bandha and visualizations for mastering the sex sublimation technique of Tantric Maha Mudra.

Benefits of taking this intensive:

  • Learn The Sensual Path Of Left Hand Tantra
  • Immediate Access To The Resources Area
  • Enjoy The Support Of A Spiritual Community
  • Gradually Perfect The Mudras And Bandhas Of Kriya Yoga
  • Twenty-Four Live Sessions w/ Lifetime Access To Recorded Versions
  • Monthly Guided Practice Video
  • Study of Classical Tantric Scriptures Such As Sri Saundarya Lahari, Vijnana Bhairava Sutra, Yoga Spandakrikas, Tantroktam Devi Suktam, Devi Kavacham, Khadgamala Stotram and more.
  • Sanskrit Chanting In Every Class
  • Learn Nyasa, Abhisheck, Puja, Arati, and Havan.
  • A Balanced Combination Of Theory and Practice
  • Learn A Powerful Sex Sublimation Technique
  • Deprogram Yourself From Cultural Conditioning
  • Improve Your Relationship With Your Self
  • Become Increasingly More Energetic Uninhibited Everyday!
  • See Syllabus Here


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