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Swadisthana Chakra Yoga Sadhana


Chakra Yoga Course Video 3

  • Re-energize your center of joy, pleasure and ecstasy.
  • Increase your sense of humor and playfulness.
  • Improve your libido, sex appeal and charisma.
  • Become a better lover!
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Who Else Wants To Awaken Your Core of Sexuality And Experience More Joy, Pleasure and Ecstasy?!

This video teaches you the traditional yogic practices for Swadisthana chakra, which magnifies your prana shakti (vital power) and suffuses your bioenergy with immense inner pleasure.

The joyful energy awakened at this point directly back from your pubic bone is your center of sexuality, charm and magnetism. By performing the fun and easy to learn practices in this video you increase your capacity for pleasure, revitalize your subtle energy body, and step into a dimension within where the experience of ecstasy becomes increasingly more vivid and real.

This video gives you the most potent and authentic yogic and tantric techniques for purifying, stimulating and awakening the second chakra, Swadisthana.


Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook.
: 45 minutes

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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