Six Months To Inner Silence: Antar Mouna Meditation Course (Payment Plan)

Six Months To Inner Silence: Antar Mouna Meditation Course (Payment Plan)

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$15.00 for the first 1 month Then $45.00 for each 1 month with 5 installments

Antar Mouna means ‘inner silence’ and is a classic yoga meditation method consisting of six steps, which naturally leads the mind to meditative equipoise. Rather than waging war against the mind this method teaches ‘radical tolerance’ where you earn how to befriend the mind and develop higher awareness, relaxation, inner peace and silence.

Time: This class meets twenty-four Sundays at:

  • Los Angeles: 9AM
  • Chicago: 11AM
  • New York: 12PM
  • London: 5PM
  • Amsterdam: 6PM
  • Dubai: 9PM
  • Delhi: 10:30PM

Starting Date: January 21st, 2024
Ending Date: June 30th, 2024
Location: Zoom (live link and password shared immediately after registration).
Recorded Version: Each workshop session is recorded from start to finish so you can refer back to it later and so you can view the material if you were not able to make the live webinar.

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  1. Find a sanctuary of perfect peace and silence within your own self.
  2. Gain freedom from the constant stress and tension of the untrained mind!
  3. Distance yourself from the mental processes and become your own therapist.
  4. Learn a time tested yogic method for inducing total mental silence.
  5. Enjoy profound levels of inner peace and tranquility both on and off the mat!
  6. Be part of a meditation group and community to support your efforts.
  7. Enjoy guided meditation Mp3’s, and 24 downloadable video lectures.
  8. Learn to safely and reliably vent psycho-emotional tension and regain control over your life!

This course devotes one month to each stage of Antar Mouna, allowing you to progress at a natural rate. Many people spend years and even decades practicing meditation without much progress. Within the course of only six months you can use Antar Mouna to experience profound levels of inner silence that you perhaps never thought possible for yourself before.

The method is very simple, but requires a practical amount of commitment for a certain duration of time. Six months is not a long time when you consider the rewards that inner silence promises.

Those of us interested in healthy lifestyles, yoga and meditation are often attracted to quiet and serene places to live and practice. However outer silence is unreliable at best. Inf act, it seems impractical to expect the world to give us outer silence even in the country side. What is more practical is to develop inner silence, peace and imperturbability.

Although the method is simple, this is indeed no easy task. That is why a period of at least six months should be set aside specifically for this purpose. Consider how much time we put into developing our professional life. Many people are willing to set aside two to four years in studying for a profession, often much more than that. But how much time are we willing to devote towards befriending ourselves, knowing ourselves, and cultivating inner peace and silence?

When you have inner silence then no matter where you go – you bring that peace with you. Peace does not exist only in the Himalayas and it is not absent from the bustling streets of a metropolis. When you realize and become established in that perfect peace, stillness and silence within the inner core of your being – then you bring that peace, bliss and joy with you everywhere you go and for all others to benefit from, as well.

Inner peace and silence is our greatest wealth. The ability to have mental and psychological peace even in the midst of all of the violent storms that life throws at us is a treasure that will be there for you whether rich or poor. When hard times come how do we respond? Even if we should resist, shout, cry, wiggle and writhe in torment – eventually we must come back to our senses, and gather ourselves by reigning in the mind and emotions. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just learned how to discipline the mind in the first place?

Month One) In month one we are learning how to sit for short durations of time (10-15 minutes). The first stage of Antar Mouna is practiced; listening to external sounds. This is a joyful and very simple meditation practice that can be done anywhere and at any time. During these four weeks we also discuss lifstyle, preparatory asanas and pranayama for meditation and other beginners topics and techniques.

Month Two) In month two we learn how to befriend the mind and the ego. The primary topic of this month is ‘witness consciousness’ and how to separate yourself from the body, emotions and thoughts. Here you will be developing the attitude of the inner seer that is beyond the changing outer world. You learn to witness your own thoughts from the detached perspective of ‘neutral’ higher awareness, thus diffusing emotional ego-centered habitual mental responses, attitudes and behaviors.

Month Three) In month three you learn about your mental patterns and habits by creating scenarios for your imagination to ‘run wild’ with. This stage of ‘conscious thought creation’ allows you to learn about what kind of mind you have by giving your thought processes total liberty to take a certain topic at will in any direction it chooses. This also exhausts the mind, allowing it to naturally become still and silent.

Month Four) In this month we are developing psychological harmony by learning how to identify the deep seated mental impressions that influence our mental and physical behavior. As the surface level of the mind becomes increasingly more calm and clear this allows us to see into the depths of the psyche and reveal those memories at the root of our desires and mental patterns. By illumining this level of the psyche you are ridding yourself of the source of all tension, stress and pain. Here you are learning to become your own therapist!

Month Five) Finally we are ready to begin experiencing REAL inner silence! The mind and psyche have been purified enough to now ‘choose not to think’ and allow the mind to become completely quiet. The previous months are preparation for months five and six. Starting from here your ability to enjoy profound levels of inner silence is beginning to giv great fruit and enrich your life in every way.

Month Six) Here we discuss choosing and working with a personal symbol for meditation. The mind needs a catalyst in order to stay awake during the deepest levels of meditation when you are entering into the ‘no-mind’ states of pure consciousness. We will also discuss the various stages of samadhi and how to progress from here on your own!

2 reviews for Six Months To Inner Silence: Antar Mouna Meditation Course (Payment Plan)

  1. Prajnananda
    5 out of 5

    This course by DEVATMA gives a complete knowledge on the working of mind at all levels (consious , sub consious and unconsious)and helps to establish the inner silence of the mind. Inner silence takes years and years of meditation practice and still it eludes lot of meditators. But DEVATMA guides in his meditations step by step and helps achieve inner silence of the mind and gets established in the inner silence and pure bliss. This is the only course which is practiced for the whole six months to get the inner silence. The course covers the nature of the consious mind, subconsious mind and unconsious mind.
    All the secrets from the Vedic scriptures are revealed by DEVATMA to get a through knowledge of the intricacies of the mind, there by understading the mind and then trancend the mind. The practical training in the course helps to really experience what is mentioned in the vedas and upanishads.
    As a first batch student of this course, I am immensely happy and thankful beyond words to DEVATMA for the dedicated practical approach to meditation and inner silence. It helps in overcoming emotional breakdowns and gives a new dimension to life and thinking.
    This couse is for everyone, Any practioner who wants inner silence can make use of it and

  2. Jon
    5 out of 5

    The intensive, highly transformational 6-month course with Devatma has been a “before and after” for me. I never thought I was capable of creating silence at will, or that I could vent out old, repetitive thoughts and contents. Alas, these challenges had been addressed millenia ago and the elegant, scientific solution of Antar Mouna is a godsend. To me, it represents the pinnacle of all meditative techniques when it comes to therapeautic value and finding peace. Highly recommended!

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