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Rumi Nida 2


  • Just click play, lie down, close your eyes and enjoy being lifted to a deeply heart-touching and soul-stirring place that only Rumi can bring you.
  • Feel the tremendous inner peace of beholding Rumi’s vision within your very own heart.
  • Give yourself this opportunity to enjoy a deeply revitalizing and re-energizing level of total rest and relaxation.
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Who Else Wants To Completely Relax And Refresh Your Spirit While Enjoying The Ecstasy-Laden Poetry Of Rumi!?

The Sufi saint Rumi was a God-intoxicated poet who sung and composed poems about his love for the Lord. His all-consuming love, hunger and thirst for the Lord compelled him to begin spontaneously reciting some of the most heart-touching verses ever heard, potent enough to give all his listeners a very tangible inner experience of their own.

This incredibly uplifting yoga nidra session gives your body and mind the chance to become perfectly relaxed, serene and still; thus completely ready for the ecstasy-laden verses of Rumi’s poems.

While listening to this mp3 you can look forward to enjoying experiencing a level of hearing and listening that penetrates to the very core of the heart of the poet, and conveys these divinely inspired poems in a manner that deeply touches your soul and uplifts your spirits.


Info: Body scan meditation to prepare the body and mind for the poems of Rumi.
Duration: 27 minutes
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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