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Rumi Nida 1


  • Just press play, lie down, and close your eyes… as you totally relax and allow your self to be swept away by the heart-touching verses of these divinely inspired poems.
  • Experience the tremendous joy of seeing the vision of Rumi within your own heart.
  • Take this opportunity to give yourself the deeply rejuvenating rest you need.
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Completely Relax Your Body And Mind While Refreshing Your Heart And Spirit With The Ecstatic Poems Of Rumi…

Rumi was a Sufi saint who lived in a deeply intimate communion with the Lord. His love, hunger and deep thirst for God inspired him to begin spontaneously reciting some of the most heart-touching poetry ever written, even powerful enough to convey a very tangible experience of the essence of his message to all his listeners.

This very potent and rare yoga nidra session gives your body and mind the chance to become absolutely peaceful, tranquil and still; thus completely prepared for the ecstasy-laden verses of Rumi’s poems.

With this one-of-a-kind mp3 you can now enjoy experiencing a level of hearing and listening that penetrates to the very core of the heart of the poet, and conveys these divinely inspired poems in a manner that deeply touches your soul and uplifts your spirits.


Info: Body scan meditation to prepare the body and mind for the poems of Rumi.
Duration: 25 minutes
Files: 1
Type: Mp3
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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