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Purifying The Subconscious Mind


Yoga Nidra Audio Course Session 3

  • Transcend the root cause of all unwanted thought patterns and self defeating behaviors
  • Identify any limiting self-beliefs and illuminate their cause.
  • Discover and embrace your unique personal traits, qualities and talents.
  • Overcome all debilitating self talk and inhibitions and embrace your inner nature.
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Here’s An Easy Way To Purify Your Subconscious Mind And Experience The Refreshing Inner Peace, Mental Quietude And Serenity Beyond All Thoughts…

Yoga teaches us that each and every experience we have undergone, whether directly or indirectly, leaves an impression within a repository of the mind (the subconscious). From these impressions come our likes and dislikes, attractions and aversions, desires and fears. It can be said these subconscious impressions are the seeds of the conscious mind, giving rise to all our desires and the various thought patterns that orbit around fulfilling them.

How would you like to quickly defeat the root source of all negative thought patterns and limiting behaviors in only minutes?

Through the practice of yoga nidra we are able to put the body and mind to sleep, while the silent witness, or sakshi, within remains awake. In this state the subconscious impressions, or samskaras, manifest in the forms of symbols, allegories, and mental imagery.

Usually when we experience the samskaras directly like this we are completely asleep, so we merely call them dreams; however, with yoga nidra we are able to remain conscious through these subconscious expressions, and can therefore begin to become more aware and understanding.

Habitual desires are known as vasanas in Sanskrit. They are the habits that cause us to experience similar outcomes again and again. The samskaras, or latent impressions, are the seeds of these habitual desires. By purifying the subconscious mind and transcending the underlying impression, all the other desires and trains of thought centered on that impression immediately vanish as well.

With this newfound self-awareness you can more easily transcend illogical reactions, limiting thought patterns, self-defeating behaviors and any other unwanted aspects of your personality.

This also gives you the opportunity to truly search your heart and explore the various hidden traits and qualities that are unique to your personal nature. You can then nurture the beautiful qualities with the water of your awareness, and uproot the negative qualities through redirecting misguided mental and vital energies (manas shakti and prana shakti) towards more productive and desirable outcomes.


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