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Prana Nidra – Yoga Nidra for Pranic Healing


  • Feel an abundance of natural high energy!
  • Quickly learn how to heal your self and others with prana.
  • Increase your health and vitality.
  • Feel a tremendous amount of vital power within your subtle body.


It’s True: You Really Can Heal Your Self And Others With Prana! And Here’s How…

Prana nidra is a systematic and scientific method of yoga nidra for pranic healing, which gradually increases your awareness of prana (the vital life-force of bioenergy), so you can boost, conserve and direct it for healing yourself and others; as well as for experiencing spiritual bliss and spiritual awakening.

Prana is the life-force energy that animates all life. It manifests everywhere as the luster, health and vitality within all living things. It is the radiant glow within your skin, your inner urge towards self-expression, the desire to love and be loved, as well as the power that is beating your heart, drawing in your breath and the brilliantly glowing light shining from within your eyes.

Live Life To It’s Fullest With More Energy And Vitality

By continuing to listen to Prana Nidra you are not only learning how to heal and correct any illnesses and injuries within yourself and loved ones, but you are also learning to increase your energy levels, allowing you to feel and even look years younger, so you can truly enjoy living your life to its fullest!

It has been well known for countless ages that one of the greatest powers of yogis is the ability to harness, store and direct prana. The science of prana nidra is easy and fun to learn, allowing you to develop increasingly more heightened perceptions and greater sensitivity to your own personal life-force, the universal cosmic energy that powers your being.

Prana Nidra is Like Giving Your Subtle Energy Body a 5 Star Spa Treatment!

Utilize this easy and fun to listen to mp3 version of Prana Nidra to continue developing your perception of subtle energies, so you can begin to enjoy more subtle experiences of self-born bliss, ecstasy and spontaneous eruptions of intoxicating inner joy – bubbling up from within. These are the manifestations of prana shakti, which are re-energizing, revitalizing and rejuvenating for the entire subtle and gross bodies.

Heal Your Self And Loved Ones Of Any Illness, Injury And Disease

As you continue increasing your own personal levels of vitality (prana) and spiritual power (prana shakti), your ability to perceive prana will naturally allow you to direct it within and around you. You will discover that you can even project your prana any distance to any person within your capacity to visualize.

This ancient and most coveted knowledge of prana is now available for you to learn for yourself with this downloadable mp3 version of prana nidra, yoga nidra for pranic healing.


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