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Perceiving The Subtle Flows Of Prana


Zero Point Yoga Nidra Session 4

  • Experience the ecstasy within all life force energy.
  • Increase your natural energy levels for more fulfilling interactions with life.
  • Experience the inner power of your eternal Self.
  • Increase your sensitivity to prana shakti.


Want To Enjoy A Higher Charge Of Vital Power!? Here’s How To Perceive The Subtle Flow Of Prana Shakti With In Your Body Now!

As the sensations of prana shakti becomes more intense within your subtle body – you can now begin to discover the essence of all vital energy as a deeply refreshing and rejuvenating ecstasy; a brilliant charge of life force that powers and flows through all sentient beings. It manifests as the spark of life in the eyes, and as the radiant glow of health in the skin.

The waves of ecstasy that flow from within the heart of the energy body brings not only deeply revitalizing inner peace and serenity, but spiritual illumination as well, as the self-effulgent light of your atma shakti (the power of your eternal Self) becomes more apparent and recognizable in every faucet and aspect of your life.

Now that we have developed awareness of the inner space and purified the centers of bio-energy, or chakras, we can begin to develop awareness of the subtle flows of prana, the five prana vayus, which flow within the energy body with the breath. This is the natural next step in the sequence of skills that need to be learned to master one’s own prana shakti.

As awareness of these individual minor pranas is developed the pranic body as a whole can be experienced with greater intensity and vivid clarity. The increase in awareness leads to an increase in your ability to manage, control and direct your bio energy.

Only after you have learned to perceive the flow of bio-energy moving with the breath, distributing vitality throughout your subtle body, can you then learn to harness and direct prana for healing, manifestation, spiritual awakening and many other purposes.

The two minor pranas that are the most important are prana vayu and apana vayu, the upward and downward flowing energies. Gaining control over these two pranas facilitates maintaining a higher charge of prana shakti at manipura without dissipation. Thus allowing you to store more bioenergy and enjoy more vitality. Gradually you can learn to conserve higher and higher charges of prana shakti at the solar plexus chakra, manipura.


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 48 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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