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Merging With The Five Elements


Zero Point Yoga Video 2:

  • Experience inner stillness and enjoy deeper levels of stillness and relaxation.
  • Experience the vast etheric space within the body.
  • Experience the subtle forces behind the formation of all matter.
  • Transcend the outer experience of the five senses and make contact with your inner core of personal power.


Ancient Yogic Technique Reveals How To Transcend The Physical Level Of Your Body And Experience The Elemental Dimension At The Source Of All Matter!

The five cosmic elements are the building blocks of all energy and matter. This video reveals the ancient yogic practices and techniques for perceiving and achieving mastery over the elemental dimension.

Learn the step-by-step systematic method for stilling the mind, withdrawing the senses, and experiencing deeper and more acute levels of awareness and relaxation.

Experience The Pleasure Of Inner Peace And Bliss

Upon stilling the mind, you begin disassociating from the experience of the five senses. Upon transcending the physical dimension of your body, you can begin enjoying the vast etheric deep space within the body.

You can allow the pleasurable sensation of inner peace and bliss to spread all throughout your being, just as a bread-maker kneads the moisture through his dough. You can then completely dissolve your gross awareness into the etheric space within the body, making contact with your core of vital power, prana shakti.


Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook.
: 54 min.

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


This video reveals the methods for transcending the outer experience of the five senses, as the inner experience becomes increasingly more strong, vivid and real. Download it now and get started today!


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