Madhyadasha Becoming Centered Within The Hub Of Your Heart

Madhyadasha Becoming Centered Within The Hub Of Your Heart


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  • Become Centered Within The Hub Of Your Heart
  • 43 Minutes Duration


In this meditation you sit quietly and watch the incoming and outgoing breath with total awareness focused at the hub of your heart, the madhya. Here you will notice the incoming breath and outgoing breath both dissolve into inner space. As the breath naturally becomes even by using the mantra Hamsa, you experience even-mindedness and Kevalya Kumbhaka, where the breath spontaneously goes into a suspended state of animation between the two breaths and between two thoughts. Here the higher states of samadhi and meditative absorption can more easily be experienced.

In Sri Vijnana Bhairavi, Bhairava says that as the breath comes in it makes the sound Ham, and as the breath goes out if makes the sound Sa. The sound of the breath coming in and out is the repetition of Hamsa mantra.

This mantra is going on continually in all living creatures. It is due to it’s pulsation that we are conscious and alive. In a human being the breath comes in and goes out 21,600 times per day, and each time the mantra is being repeated. Therefore we do not recite the mantra, it is reciting us!

Kabir Das, the 15th century Indian mystic once said, “I am not repeating the mantra on my beads, nor am I repeating in with my tongue, God himself is repeating my mantra while I sit quietly and listen to it”.

The specialty of Hamsa is that it works for all those who chant it. It can be practiced very easily by everyone regardless of race, age, religion or gender. Hamsa is the natural mantra of the breath. Hamsa is not like any other mantra that you may recite verbally using a japa mala, it is already repeating itself naturally along with your breath.


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