Kashmir Shaivism: Learn Nondual Meditation & Philosophy

Kashmir Shaivism: Learn Nondual Meditation & Philosophy


This course covers the 77 mantras of the Shiva Sutras, which are the principle scripture of Kashmiri Shaivism (also known as Trika). This sacred scripture describes the nature of the Self and how you can go about recognizing your true nature and becoming established in supreme joy and permanent bliss.

Dates: Twelve Wednesdays (Starting May 18th, 2022).

Time: 10:00A (Pacific)

Recorded Version: The live sessions are recorded from start to finish and made available within 24-hours on the ‘Course Resources Page’ for those who cannot attend the live session.



This is a beginners meditation training and an introduction to nondual meditation combining both practice in theory in twelve weekly sessions of two hours each.

Beyond the ever changing play of body, mind and senses there is the perfect bliss of pure consciousness. Kashmiri Shaivism declares that your ultimate nature is consciousness and all suffering is the result of the false identifications we develop out of self ignorance.

This loftiest of Indian philosophies leads you back to your spiritual essence as you realize that you and Shiva (universal consciousness) are one and the same!


  • Learn to apply the most beautiful spiritual philosophy of nonduality to your own life.
  • Discover a spontaneous form of meditation leading you to inner oneness.
  • Become established in the higher awareness of your true nature.
  • Experience the self-effulgent light of the Self.



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