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Illuminating The Inner Dimensions Of Consciousness


Yoga Nidra Audio Course Session 5

  • Experience deep inner peace and contentment.
  • Feel completely mentally and physically refreshed.
  • Feel the immense self-born joy within the meditative stillness of yoga nidra.
  • Illuminate your hidden potential and unique personal traits and qualities.
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Want To Get Total Relief From The Endless Ramblings Of The Gross Conscious Mind? Here’s How To Discover Absolute Inner Peace Now…

At this level we will be getting into the advanced stages of yoga nidra, where the inner visions during visualization begin to become vivid and intense.

At this level of the practice you begin to enjoy the experience of deeply rewarding periods of inner calm and quiet during your meditations.

During the previous sessions we were increasing the power of awareness, to allow the perception of the inner dimensions to go from darkness to light.

Finally, the visualizations can begin to have an extremely strong effect on the deeper layers of the mind, as the practices of yoga nidra take on the unique ability to empower the meditator at the deepest levels of the psyche. This stage of the practice has a profound transformational effect on the deeper dimensions of consciousness.


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 53 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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