How To Chant AUM: A Shortcut To Meditation And Enlightenment

How To Chant AUM: A Shortcut To Meditation And Enlightenment


This beginners course teaches you the essence of Yogic, Vedic and Shakti Tantra philosophy and meditation by studying the most sacred sound, AUM.

‘A’ is the waking state, ‘U’ is the dreaming state, and ‘M’ is the deep sleep state. The silence between chanting is pure consciousness. By understanding the deep philosophy of AUM according to Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra your personal practice is greatly enriched and you can have the experiences described in these sacred texts for yourself! This is my promise and personal guarantee!

We will be exploring the most important teachings from these ancient traditions regarding the practice and theory of this most essential, simple yet profoundly powerful meditation practice. You do not need to have years of experience in yoga and meditation to gain great benefits from this method. Anyone can begin chanting AUM today to experience deep meditative states and to attain perfect inner peace, bliss and rapid spiritual growth.

Day and Time: Three consecutive Days at 8:00AM (Pacific)
Starting Date: Thursday, December 21st.
Location: Live on Zoom
Recorded Version: The live sessions are recorded from start to finish and made available within 24-hours on the ‘Course Resources Page’ for those who cannot attend the live session.


This beginners course teaches you the essence of Vedic philosophy and meditation by studying the meaning of (and chanting of) the sacred sound of creation, AUM.


We will be exploring the most important text from Vedanta, the Mandukya Upanishad. This ancient scripture sheds great light on the Vedic idea of enlightenment while also describing AUM as the means for attainment.


Other meditation forms take several months to learn and to gain benefits from, however by chanting AUM you can experience meditative stillness almost instantaneously!


It has been promised that one who understands the Mandukya Upanishad, and the secret of AUM described therein, has therefore comprehended the highest philosophies of Vedanta and need not study the other Upanishads.


AUM is a great tool for meditation, allowing you to transcend the gross, subtle and even causal levels of your being – so that you can experience the tremendous bliss of the fourth state, or Turiya (pure consciousness/beingness beyond the ego complex).


Fortunately, anyone can transcend mundane awareness and experience the total bliss of inner silence by learning to chanting AUM. This can be achieved in a very short amount of time. This practice combined with the theory of the Mandukya Upanishad creates an incredibly empowering synergy bound to propel you towards greatness.


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