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Healing Yourself With Prana Shakti


Zero Point Yoga Video 7

  • Learn the authentic yogic techniques for raising, amplifying and then directing pranic energy.
  • Learn the secrets for channeling and willfully moving prana shakti through your body.
  • Learn the most powerful way to heal your self of any disease, infection, injury pain or disorder.
  • Learn how to willfully boost your immune system and send life force energy to any part of your body to aid in the process of healing.


Here Is How To Heal Yourself With Vital Life Force Energy And Experience Powerful Manifestations Of Prana Shakti With In Your Body

The meditation techniques in this video will introduce you to the ability to heal yourself with prana. At this stage you have been able to experience your own vital power with greater intensity, learned how to channel and direct energy, and are now ready to begin utilizing prana for healing.

Achieve Control Over Your Inner State

Each and every emotion and state of mind has a corresponding breathing pattern. One method for achieving mental balance is by balancing the flow of the breath through the left and right nostrils. For this reason, this video will focus on the most powerful yogic method for achieving control over your inner state, which is nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing).

These potent practices for awakening the energy body yield a personal experience of consciously directing pranic energy, allowing you to now begin to feel the dimension of bio-energy to be just as real as the dimension of physical matter.

A Powerful Encounter With Your Vital Life Force Energy

Your personal practice is now beginning to yield great fruit. The sensation of prana flowing like an ecstatic stream of subtle life-force energy out of muladhara, through pingala and sushumna nadis, and into the brow center is now sensed with vivid detail.

The techniques learned in this meditation allow you to experience a vivid and real physical sensation of prana shakti.

Upon mastering the techniques in this video you can intuitively direct pranic energy with your mind at will. You can direct the flow of prana through the psychic channels with greater ease. The sensation of prana accumulating at the brow center, ajna chakra, is accompanied by a vision of a bright point of bluish-white light behind the closed eyes, as well as streaks of white light, and/or an intense pulsating sensation at the brow center. These are the sensations of the awakened prana shakti at the third-eye chakra, ajna.


Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook
: 51 minutes

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Advanced


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