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Harnessing The Forces of Bioenergy and Mind


Zero Point Yoga Video 6:

  • Learn how to channel and direct the subtle force of prana through your body.
  • Learn how to begin playing with and manipulating bio energy.
  • Learn to consciously manage your mental balance, emotions and energy levels.
  • Learn to increase sensitivity to, as well as amplify, the intensity of your vital power.


How To Harness The Power Of Prana Shakti And Direct Spiritual Energy Within Your Body

Within the subtle body are two causal forces; the vital force of prana shakti, and the mental force of chitta shakti. These two subtle powers are the basis for our experience in this dimension, and characterize the state of health of both our body and mind.

Becoming aware of these two polar forces allows you to build up an immensely powerful storehouse of prana; thus facilitating your abilities to raise, gather and direct prana shakti for healing, empowering and spiritual awakening.

This stage of the practice teaches you how to begin directing and channeling the subtle forces of prana shakti within your body.


Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook
: 47 minutes

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Intermediate / Advanced


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