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Harnessing And Directing Prana


Zero Point Yoga Nidra Session 6

  • Learn the yogic techniques for willfully directing prana.
  • Tap into the source of prana shakti at the root chakra, muladhara.
  • Feel a high charge of vital power with in your subtle body.
  • Enjoy possessing a potent and previously very secret spiritual knowledge.


Learn How To Quickly Raise, Concentrate And Direct Prana Shakti And Enjoy The Benefits Of An Ancient, Coveted And Powerful Yogic Science…

Now that your perception of prana shakti have become refined and increasingly more stable, you are ready to learn the advanced techniques for consciously directing vital power within your body.

This is where the practice becomes most applicable and begins to manifest its power in your life. The aspects of your life that this newfound knowledge greatly enriches and enhances are truly limitless.

Directing the subtle flow of prana is a true yogic science, which all the previous practices have been designed to help you learn. In this session we will begin to learn the actual techniques for raising, distributing and withdrawing prana shakti from, and back to, its source.

Once the mind is withdrawn from the senses and the perception of inner space has become stabilized, we can begin to perceive the flow of the five minor pranas, which make up the pranamaya kosha, or the pranic body.

From here we will awaken prana shakti in the solar conduit of pingala nadi; and finally begin to raise and focalize the awakened prana shakti at the point of distribution, ajna chakra.

At this stage it is important to begin developing awareness of the sensation of prana Shakti, which have begun to accumulate at the brow center, ajna chakra. From here you will learn the methods for consciously distributing prana to the various body parts and organs before returning it to it’s source again at the root chakra, muladhara.


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 53 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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