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Exploring The Dimensions Of Inner Space


Zero Point Yoga Nidra Session 1

  • Learn to access an unlimited sea of cosmic energy within your very own being.
  • Connect to the universal life force and enjoy perfect health and harmony.
  • Heal your self and others with life force.
  • Enjoy greater energy and vitality!


How To Discover A Vast Sea Of Unlimited Vitality With In Your Self And Enjoy A Natural Abundance Of Energy!

This is session one in the 7-part Zero Point Yoga Nidra series. The purpose behind these sessions is to have a personal experience of the tremendous power of your vital life force energy, or prana in the yogic traditions, and chi in the Taoist traditions.

Learning to perceive the subtle flow of bio-energy within the body requires a certain degree of sensitivity to the dimensions beyond the physical body. This is achieved by learning yogic relaxation techniques which allow you to remain awake through the process of putting the body and gross conscious mind to sleep.

The first dimension beyond the body is the pranamaya kosha, or the energy body, which is composed of five various streams of vital life-force energy, known as the prana vayus.

The first step in developing this sensitivity is learning to experience the vast inner space of sthulakasha, the ether permeating the entire body. Perceiving inner space has many levels of perception, from gross to subtle.

In this session we will be focusing on perceiving the first dimension beyond the physical body.

Focusing on the expansive and contracting sensations associated with the breath most easily facilitates the experience of this subtle dimension of etheric space. As one becomes more and more aware of the space within the body, learning to sense and direct the subtle flows of prana becomes increasingly more natural and intuitive.

What is most exciting is when the experiences become real within your own body, and you begin to transition from the realm of intellectual understandings to practical first-hand knowledge based upon your own experience.

The techniques presented in this guided meditation session are the foundational practices for learning to directly perceive your own vital power, or prana shakti.

Take the first step in embarking upon the ultimate journey within your self and download this mp3 now!


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 26 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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