Complete Prana Vidya Training Program

Complete Prana Vidya Training Program


A nine month systematic training allowing you to increase your vitality while learning how to consciously direct prana shakti for healing yourself and others.



Prana is the basis of all life, health and fuels the expansion of awareness. Most of us live in a chronic state of pranic deficiency through the constant extroversion of the senses, improper diet, a lack of exercise and other undisciplined lifestyle habits. In this course you first develop awareness to the dimension of subtle energy, then the yogic attitudes and lifestyle guidelines for conserving and increasing your levels of Prana.

This is a nine month program. Each month has a daily yoga sadhana program (with instructional videos, audios and PDFs in the resources area). This allows you to follow along with the concepts being learned with a structured and easily implementable personal daily practice.

Learn how to sense, conserve and amplify your personal quantum of Prana Shakti. Progress through preliminary breathing practices, full yogic breathing, nadi shodhana, sensitizing pranayamas, vitalizing pranayamas, as well as discussions on yoga lifestyle, the subtle body, chakras, nadis, the five vayus, asanas, mudras, bandhas, prana nidra and more.


  • Learn the science of prana with a systematic approach including asana, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and meditation techniques.
  • Enjoy more energy, vitality and higher awareness as you learn to conserve and increase your personal store of prana shakti.
  • With more prana you naturally heal, rejuvenate and revitalize your body/mind complex.
  • Become more flexible as you bathe every cell of your body with prana.
  • Learn the prelimiary practices for building the subtle body and healing with prana learned during the advanced courses.
  • Learn the traditional yogic methods for purifying the chakras, nadis and tattwas.
  • Learn how to convert pranic energy into magnetic energy and then psychic energy for healing/empowerment.
  • Learn to consciously direct prana shakti to heal yourself and others.


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