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Chakra Yoga Course


  • Experience the rejuvenating inner peace of transcending the mind and psyche.
  • Experience the perfect bliss of your own inner state of being.
  • Experience pure universal love welling up from within.
  • Have more vitality, energy and stamina.
  • Enjoy spontaneous and deeply rewarding meditations
  • Enjoy feeling more grounded, rooted and stable.
  • Re-energize your center of joy, pleasure and ecstasy.


A Systematic Method For Purifying And Awakening The Chakras

Each chakra has it’s own video, audio companion and workbook included!

The chakras are the organs of the energy body, responsible for stepping down the tremendous intensity of pure cosmic energy into the various dimensions of mind, energy and matter.

The health of your chakras directly correlates to mental, psychological and physical health. By improving the flow of vitality through your subtle body, you are able to enjoy life more fully with a natural abundance of energy.

This complete course on the chakras guides you step-by-step through a ancient systematic method for transforming and spiritualizing your body, mind and personality.

Remove the energetic blockages and inhibitions that prevent you from fully expressing your inner nature, and experience life on a much deeper, more intimate and fulfilling level of interaction.

Normally one would need to travel to exotic locations and go searching for hard-to-find yogis and spiritual teachers to learn these techniques all in one place; however, now this HD video gives you the opportunity to discover the methods and benefits of this timeless practice for your self.


Info: Instructional 7-part yoga  course with HD videos, audio companions and workbooks for each chakra.
Files: 27
Type: Mp4 (HD), Mp4 (SD), Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners

Individual Videos In This Series:

Video #1: Ajna Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #2: Muladhara Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #3: Swadisthana Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #4: Manipura Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #5: Anahata Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #6: Vishuddhi Chakra Yoga Sadhana
Video #7: Bindhu Chakra Yoga Sadhana


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