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Chakra Shuddhi Video


  • Learn the secret mantras for each chakra.
  • Learn to perform mula bandha, the key for awakening prana shakti.
  • Experience an ancient and authentic kundalini-stimulating mediation.
  • Purify the organs of the subtle energy body, responsible for channeling the flow of vitality throughout your body.
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Want To Enjoy Feeling More Vitality, Creativity And Spiritual Bliss? Here’s How To Purify Your Chakras Now!

Enjoy this one of a kind HD yoga mediation video for purifying the chakras! This video was produced with 3D animation to inspire and ignite your visualization of the yogic techniques learned.

Since ancient times, and until very recently, one had to search far and wide to find a teacher willing to impart the mantras and visualization methods implemented for gaining these results, even then one may need to study for months or even years before being trusted with such potent knowledge.

Now you can experience these powerful yogic and tantric practices for your self, learning at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home – with this full length guided Shakti Tantra mediation video!


Info: Instructional Guided Meditation Video
: 20 minutes

Files: 1
Type: Mp4
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginner


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