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Bodhi Nidra One, Two and Three


  • Enjoy a potent Thereavada Buddhist meditation system that even a complete beginner can complete.
  • Identify how you manifest emotional, mental and psychological stress as nervous tension within your body.
  • Develop an incredibly deep sense of imperturbable inner peace and serenity.
  • Gain total relief from stress, anxiety and nervous tension.


A Powerful Guided Buddhist Meditation That Helps You Quickly Enjoy Complete Physical Stillness And Relaxation…

During the final days of the Buddha he requested a set of teachings be set aside from the others and given special precedence. This set of teachings contained the core of the Buddha’s message and was the most crucial aspect to be learned and preserved for future generations.

The first set of techniques is known as ‘The Four Frames of Reference’ and is the basis of both authentic Theravada Buddhist meditation techniques and this series of guided meditations, called Bodhi Nidra.

This is a methodical and systematic meditation technique anyone can quickly learn and begin using to identify where you subconsciously and habitually hold muscular tension, and how you manifest mental and emotional stress in your neuromuscular system.

Bodhi Nidra Hands You The Control To Your Nervous And Muscular Systems And Allows You To Become The Master Of Your Total Body / Mind Complex.

These full length guided meditation MP3s are not just another soothing voice with some guided imagery thrown in randomly, but is a very scientific method for first releasing all muscular tension in your physical body, then all emotional tension in your energy body, then all mental tension in the mind, and finally all psychological tension in your subconscious mind.

The result is an experience of tranquility and inner peace that allows you to experience deeper and deeper states of perfect relaxation.

As you progress through each stage you continually experience states of relaxation deeper than you have ever known before, allowing you to completely drop all concerns and worries, enjoying perfect mental peace, so you can rise from each session completely refreshed and re-energized.


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