Beginners Sanskrit: Learn The Language Of The Yogis

Beginners Sanskrit: Learn The Language Of The Yogis


Enjoy a concise and systematic presentation to the fundamentals of Sanskrit, allowing you to fall in love with the beauty and elegance of this ancient language of the yogis.

Dates: Twelve Saturdays (Starting April 2nd, 2022).

Time: 10:00A (Pacific)

Recorded Version: The live sessions are recorded from start to finish and made available within 24-hours on the ‘Course Resources Page’ for those who cannot attend the live session.



Sanskrit is a divine language of the gods that was gifted to mankind to aid in his spiritual growth and evolution. This course is an ideal introduction to Sanskrit language for yoga practitioners and students of Vedic sciences designed to open the door to India’s rich spiritual literature.

You learn about the primary vowels, consonants, pronunciation, and vocabulary specific to students of yoga. A combination of both theory and practice ensures that you make steady progress and receive guidance with pronunciation.


  1. Learn to read and pronounce a beautiful ancient language.
  2. Begin your studies of India’s rich spiritual literature about spirituality, subtle energy, philosophy, healing and medicine.
  3. Develop greater mental structure and concentration abilities!
  4. Learn to chant Sanskrit mantras, stotras and other sacred scriptures with flawless accuracy.


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