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Becoming Aware Of The Energy Body


Zero Point Yoga Video 1:

  • Increase your sensitivity to spiritual bliss.
  • Learn to directly access pure and unlimited cosmic energy.
  • Enjoy greater health, energy and vitality.
  • Learn to directly perceive the all pervasive life force energy.


The Quickest Way I Know To Heighten Your Sensitivity To Life Force Energy And Experience The Brilliance Of Your Light Body!

Want to enjoy a natural abundance of bio-energy and vital power? This video teaches you how to begin accessing an unlimited storehouse of energy from within the very nucleus of your being.

Both the ancient science of yoga and modern zero point physics have stated that all energy arises from within an infinite point, within which is sea of etheric energy, which flows through the nucleus of each organism, and is at the nuclear core of all matter.

Our causal life force power is self-born, flowing from within, and through this meditation technique you can learn to access it directly.

A Simple Yogic Technique That Can Be Mastered With Practice

Many Buddhist monks and Indian holy men have shown us that it is quite possible to go an extended duration of time, sometimes many months and even years, without any physical sustenance in the form of food or water. Through meditative equipoise they are able to remain sustained on their own prana shakti, or self-born vital power. This is not a miracle, but a yogic technique that can be learned and mastered.

Yogis with a mastery of prana are also able to heal themselves and others, give empowerments, shaktipat, and remain youthful in both body and mind. This is the reason why so many sadhus and monks appear ageless and look many years younger than their actual age.

Enjoy Greater Vitality and Charismatic Energy

Zero Point Yoga is a systematic method for leading you deep into the inner stillness of your body, where you can make contact with a vast sea of unlimited vital power. As you increase your awareness of the subtle sensations of bio-energy, you can enjoy more vitality and higher energy. Eventually this knowledge leads you to the ability to direct energy for healing, empowering others, deep inner peace and spiritual awakening.

Heighten Your Sensitivity To The Ecstasy Of Life Force Energy

As you progress through the practices you will begin to develop an awareness of the etheric space within the body, and begin to feel the flow of prana, or vitality, within the body. As inner space is experienced with greater intensity, one can detach themselves from the body and mind, experiencing deep meditative serenity and relief.

This practice leads you through the stages of developing awareness of your vital life-force energy of prana shakti. Through these techniques one is able to experience the subtle energy body, which is the bioenergetic template of the physical body.

Experience The Brilliant Luminescence Of Your Own Light Body

Eventually you can perceive a subtle and refined experience of prana as white light, illuminating the depths of inner space. You are gradually led to experiencing your eternal light body shining with the brilliant white luminescence of Cosmic Prana.


Info: HD Video with audio companion and workbook.
: 44 min.

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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